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The biggest awards for movies in the world should be a fun celebration of an incredibly popular art form. Instead, this year it’s become the center of controversy. A number of different actors have voiced their opinions on the lack of diversity in this year’s crop of nominees. Some have decided to skip the show in protest, while others are upset at the charges of racism being levied against them. Danny Glover, however, has an entirely new take on the subject and a different way to solve the problem: just scrap the whole damn thing.

While speaking with Variety at the Sundance Film Festival, Danny Glover told the trade that he thinks diversity in film has become worse in recent years, if not just because multiplexes are filled with major studio tentpole releases and there’s a complete lack of access to foreign films. However, as far as the Oscars and other awards shows go, it’s another matter entirely. The Lethal Weapon star said,
"[Awards shows are] subjective. They always have been. Maybe we should do away with them."

Apparently Danny Glover is just too old for this shit. The actor says that the Oscars are a business like any other, and that the money and influencers that are involved can’t help but have an effect on the outcome. He says the Academy "has been what it is" since the beginning, and apparently he doesn’t see much reason for it sticking around.

It’s possible that Danny Glover is on to something. At the end of the day, the people choosing the nominees and the eventual winners are all just people. They have their own opinion, bias, and experience that influence their choices. Only five actors get to be nominated in each category for Academy Awards, but there were certainly many more than that who could have received nominations. We could have seen five completely different people get nominated for Best Actor this year, and it’s unlikely anybody would have been very surprised or upset.

While doing away with the awards is not likely to happen, maybe we can just accept that the awards are, ultimately, subjective. Whoever wins isn’t actually the Best Actor or Actress - just a really good one who happened to win the award. Heck, it looks like most people have already conceded the Best Actor award to Leonardo DiCaprio this year, and many would argue that his performance isn’t the best of the year.

What do you think? Should we just cancel all awards and accept each movie and performance on its own merits, or is recognizing excellence important in any art form? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.