The Oscars are designed to recognize the best in the various aspects of filmmaking. One movie is deemed to have the best costume design while another wins an award for sound. Each different aspect of production is carved up into its own segment until we get to the end of the show, and one movie wins the award for Best Picture. Somehow we’re supposed to add up all the individual parts and then look at the sum total and decide which movie was the best one of the year.

While awards like this will always be somewhat subjective, there is one thing that can be done that would help to recognize a film’s collective accomplishment. An award for Best Ensemble Cast; the acting awards now only go to individuals. While certainly specific actors can put forward great performances, there are many times when what makes a movie great is not the work done by one, but the work done by many. There are several reasons why this award would make sense, and would benefit both the performers and the Academy. This is something other awards have, and the Oscars should adopt it soon. Image title
Not Every Movie Has A Lead Actor/Actress
One of the many Oscar oversights this year was Michael Keaton’s performance in Spotlight. There were many who believed he would be nominated for Best Actor, but did he really have the leading role? His character was the lead reporter on the Spotlight team, but the movie isn’t about his character any more than it is the character played by Mark Ruffalo, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, or any of the other stellar performances that weren’t nominated.

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