Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, despite its appearances, is neither a Transformers prequel nor a follow up to Hollywood’s countless Godzilla movies. But we can understand why you’d believe that Del Toro’s blockbuster belongs to the same family tree that created said franchises. In fact, one of my first thoughts after a recent Rim screening was, “How the hell is Gareth Edwards going to top this with his planned Godzilla reboot in 2014?”

Why beat ‘em when you can join ‘em? Adam Frazier, a writer for Geeks of Doom, shared an excellent idea after our Rim screening – combine the rebooted Godzilla series with Del Toro’s new Rim universe for an Avengers-style mash up of monsters and Mech heroes. Could it work? Frazier and I discuss in a lengthy and informative Rim dream scenario.

Sean: So, Adam, my first thought after our Pacific Rim screening is that Gareth Edwards needs to pull the plug on his planned Godzilla reboot (due in theaters in 2014), because after seeing Guillermo del Toro unleash creature hell on major cities of the globe, I just can't see the point of a Godzilla movie trying to live up to this. Rim is too massive in scope, with Godzilla-like creatures emerging from the seas to attack our cities. We have skyscraper-sized robots to fend them off! How can a few jets and Bryan Cranston compete? But you have a different theory, which I found interesting. Why do you still think Edwards' movie can work in a post-Rim world?

Adam Frazier: Well, I think there's definitely room for a potential Pacific Rim / Godzilla crossover. Warner Bros. is looking to establish a bigger universe to combat Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we all just assumed it would be DC's Justice League. But maybe Warner Bros has been looking in the wrong place? Maybe the answer is a massive universe of big-ass robots fighting big-ass monsters!

We get the sense that, through ozone depletion and pollution, we have essentially terraformed our planet for the Kaiju. Godzilla also is the product of man tampering with nature - and both films have a tie to nuclear radiation. So if Legendary Entertainment wanted to move forward with a crossover, there's a valid explanation for Godzilla's existence in del Toro's universe. Sean: Interesting. Do you think, then, that Edwards and Team Godzilla are working with a blueprint that could connect to Pacific Rim? Or do you think this is a happy coincidence for Legendary Pictures (which, BTW, recently took its ball over to NBC Universal)? Because a Godzilla reboot seemed like an out-of-left-field choice when it was announced at Comic-Con. And yet, when paired with Pacific Rim, it all of a sudden makes more sense.

Adam: I think it's a happy coincidence for everyone involved. A Godzilla re-boot might seem like an out-of-left-field choice but after Peter Jackson's King Kong remake, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to give the King of Monsters a Batman Begins-style re-imagining. Yes, Legendary went to Universal, but both Pacific Rim and Godzilla are at Warner Bros, and del Toro has expressed interest in a crossover, which I think Gareth Edwards (who previously directed the great little indie genre film Monsters) would be equally interested.

There are tons of crossover opportunities between the two franchises, too. In the Godzilla films, there's the Earth Defense Force, a global task force who create sophisticated, technologically-advanced weaponry (including MechaGodzilla) to protect Earth from Godzilla and other monsters. Sounds a lot like the Pan Pacific Defense Corps from Pacific Rim, doesn't it? I could totally see a MechaGodzilla Jaeger - maybe even something crazy where it's more of a cyborg (utilizing some of Hannibal Chau's black market Kaiju organs) - showing up in a crossover.

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