Why Tom Cruise Wants To Make Top Gun 2

A sequel to the 1986 classic Top Gun has been one of those on again, off again, maybe, maybe not, projects for years. Now it looks like some new life is being given to the rumor, as Tom Cruise was asked his thoughts about the potential sequel at the premiere of the new Mission:Impossible movie. It sounds like he’s up for it, as long as he actually gets to be in an F-14 again.

Speaking with Extra, Cruise made a couple of edicts on the topic of Top Gun 2, saying that the jets will be real, and he’ll get to fly in them. Said the actor,

I’d like to fly those jets again. But we’ve got to do all the jets practical. No CGI on the jets. I remember when I did the first one, I said ‘Look, in my contract I had to have three flights in the F-14.’ And it had to be in the film, a shot from that. So we had to film it. And luckily they wanted me bad enough to do it, so I was able to do that. I’m saying right now – no CGI on the jets.

CGI wasn’t really an option in 1986, so all the dogfighting had to be done as practical effects. Visual effects would likely be the cheaper and easier option today, but those real action scenes in the original were a large part of what made the movie so popular. If Cruise was able to put his foot down and get to fly in the F-14 back then, when he didn’t command the star power he does today, he should certainly be able to dictate a no-CGI policy in the sequel.

Talk of a potential follow-up to Top Gun has been going on for years. While things appeared to collapse in 2012 with the death of original director Tony Scott, who was interested in returning for the sequel, the rumors have continued on. Cruise says they need to "figure the story out," but producer Jerry Bruckheimer apparently has one or at least an idea for one, which focuses on where fighter pilots fit in the modern era of unmanned drones. Check out the full with Cruise interview clip below.

It says a lot that the movie that made Tom Cruise a household name is still so popular that desire for a sequel will apparently never die. If they are ever going to go back to that well, at least they’re taking their time. Hopefully, that means that if we ever do see another movie it’s the right one. And Cruise is totally right, there if there aren’t any CGI jets.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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