Warner Brothers is trying to make sure all the major DC Comics characters are getting their due when it comes to movie adaptations. Between the big screen live action flicks and the direct to DVD animated movies, it’s a good time for comic book characters. After the recent Wonder Woman animated picture, I had to wonder why we’ve had all the delays in a live action film. It turns out, I may not be the only one wondering that, as Warner Brothers might be moving forward with the picture yet again.

IESB reports that the wheels are turning on the live action Wonder Woman picture again, with Warner Brothers and Silver Pictures on the lookout for a director. Keep in mind this is a position that has been held by the likes of Joss Whedon in the past. I have no idea who they might approach for the job (personally, I’d like to see Whedon take it over again), but apparently the search is on, with plans allegedly intended to move along quickly.

Speaking of searches, run a search of Wonder Woman in our news database and see how many ridiculous rumors and pieces of news we’ve reported on this project in the past. Wow. You’d think a movie with that much gossip would be well underway by now (either that or completely 86’d). Instead, the movie is still in project purgatory, and who knows if this will actually be the move forward that gets the movie made.

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