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Wreck-It Ralph And Monsters University Get Too Cool New Pieces Of Viral Marketing

Disney has unleashed a double dose of viral marketing for two of their movies, one in the very near future, the other still months and months away.

The first little treat comes courtesy of Wreck-It Ralph, the new video game inspired film from Walt Disney Animation Studios that takes the audience inside the world of video games as the titular character (John C. Reilly) tries to transform himself from a villain into a hero. He originates in a game called Fix-It Felix Jr. where he destroys a building and a hero, Felix (Jack McBrayer) comes along to fix it. Playing off that aspect of the movie, Disney has released an 80s era commercial for the arcade where the game is stored. Check it out below!

Wreck-It Ralph will be in theaters November 2nd and you can see more from the movie in our database.

And now for the movie that's still far, far away. Monsters University, the new film from Pixar, isn't due out until June of next year, but in anticipation of the release Disney has set up an awesome, fully functional fake college website for the eponymous school. Fitting with the realistic aspect of the site, Mike and Sully aren't anywhere to be seen (or they're very, very hidden), but but there are plenty of cool looking creatures and some beautiful campus shots (not to mention sections dedicated to financial aid, faculty biographies and a school store). Scope out to see the full site - you really should - and see a couple of random images below.

Monsters University is opening June 21, 2013 and just like above there's a whole lot more in our database.

Eric Eisenberg

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