It's fairly tragic that X-Men: First Class qualifies as an "untested" property because it's a reboot and not a straight-ahead sequel, but all the same Fox was apparently a little concerned it might not bring in the same strong midnight numbers as, say, a new Harry Potter or Iron Man installment. And while it didn't get anywhere near the $10 million made from midnight screenings by the latest hit sequel The Hangover Part II, the newest X-Men film pulled in a healthy $3.4 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That's just a hair ahead of the cash brought in by Thor when it had midnight screenings at the beginning of May; Thor went on to make $65 million in its opening weekend, a number X-Men: First Class seems pretty likely to reach. No matter how much money it actually manages to make, the new mutant movie has a ton of fans here at Cinema Blend-- in addition to our rave review, you can check out our explanation of why X-Men: First Class is fantastical entertainment that everyone can enjoy, our guide to how this new film fits in with the other X-Men movies, or our tribute to Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, who make the movie work thanks to their limitless charisma. If you've seen the movie you can also join the spoilery conversation I had about it on video. Dig in and enjoy!

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