Kevin Bacon Gets Deep Into X-Men: First Class

Kevin Bacon in Footloose
(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Everyone is buzzing over the Batman news that’s been circulating today, but there is other big news from a rival comic production company. X-Men: First Class has been in the news this week first with the release of an official image of the cast all suited up (more to come later today), and now as Moviefone delivers an interview with Kevin Bacon, who gets deep into the nuts and bolts of his character Sebastian Shaw.

Bacon talks at length about his characters motivations to take over the world during the Cuban missile crisis in the 60’s and how the times are reflected in the sets and costume design.

"You don't see much [of his backstory] in the movie, but he's kind of a self-made man. He lost his father as a young man, made his first million by the time he was 30 and first billion by time he was 40. He's a very powerful billionaire and also, as it turns out, a mutant. He's the leader of the Hellfire Club, which is a nightclub for the rich and extremely powerful. And he has a plot to take over the world, so that's really fun. He's incredibly good at manipulating people and at taking whatever kind of energy or ability they have and using it to his advantage, like if he's talking to a German, he's fluent in German. He's very charming and able to get whatever he wants."

So this tells us that the X-Men, led by James McAvoy as a young Charles Xavier, will likely be defending the planet from Shaw. However, Bacon does go on to say that the younger mutants are living in a dorm-like setting as you would expect form every college complete with parties, romance, and friendships lost. It’s hard to get too many more details as most of Bacon’s answers consist of, “I can’t really answer that because I haven’t seen the movie,” but he does say that the scene which Matthew Vaughn cut after seeing Inception has been replaced by something quite different:

"I'm trying to think what scene that was. I remember hearing something about that, but I'm not sure if that was online or actually from Matthew. But we do have a really, really super cool scene in a hall of mirrors and that's going to be really spectacular."

The last couple X-Men movies have been nigh unwatchable, but there’s plenty that First Class has going in its favor for us to at least give it a shot. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any more news that comes our way and stay tuned for more images later today.