Your Sister's Sister Trailer With Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass And Rosemarie DeWitt

Emily Blunt is at the start of an incredible year. The charming British actress who first drew notice Stateside as the sneering assistant in The Devil Wears Prada has three intriguing features hitting in 2012, including the much-anticipated Looper, and the enchanting indie Your Sister's Sister. This follow-up to mumblecore filmmaker Lynn Shelton's surprisingly perceptive sex-comedy Humpday made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, where Katey called it "a quiet and well-told movie that wears its big beating heart on its sleeve."

Tomorrow Your Sister's Sister will begin its run at the Tribeca Film Festival, where another Blunt-fronted dramedy, The Five-Year Engagement, is making its world premiere. Both films showcase Blunt's deft ability to balance comedy and drama, but Your Sister's Sister offered her the unique opportunity to improvise in way she hadn't since the little-known My Summer of Love. Shelton, who developed the story idea with Blunt's co-star Mark Duplass, encourages her actors to collaboratively build their characters and relationships in a way that greatly influences the dialogue and atmosphere of her films, creating something distinct and personal.

Check out Your Sister's Sister's trailer—courtesy of Yahoo—to get a glimpse at this compelling indie:

While the trailer does layout this dramedy's tricky premise, it doesn't quite capture the tone. Shelton and her cast handle the story—which on the surface sounds like the start of an '80s sitcom—with a thoughtful care that elevates it into something profound. It's a bit of movie magic that is difficult to express in the fast-paced nature of a trailer. So, if you're not impressed by what you've seen here, take heart in its cast, and seek out Your Sister's Sister when it opens in limited release June 15th.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.