It's practically a miracle for any giant blockbuster to turn out well, but that goes double for the original Star Trek, which was going into production during the 2007-2008 writer's strike, meaning its cadre of writers were helpless to change it one bit when production was underway. With Star Trek 2 now getting started up in Vancouver, J.J. Abrams and his team are apparently planning the opposite approach. Though nobody is revealing any substantive details from that set, Zachary Quinto played ball recently when cornered by E!, and explained both that he didn't lay eyes on the script until about a month ago, and even now the script continues to evolve:

"It was the middle of December and finally I had to be like, 'We need to read the script. They waited a pretty long time, but that's because they were working on it. There was a writer's strike the first time so they weren't able to let the script evolve. Now it's really changing...on a regular basis."

Of course, he's not revealing enough to actually let us know what those changes are, but I wouldn't take this as a bad sign either way. Sure, it's possible they're writing the script as they go, in the style of disasters like Cowboys & Aliens or Transformers 2, and all this tinkering is creating a giant mess. But given how long Abrams and his co-writers delayed production as they perfected the script, I have to imagine these are the kinds of "evolving" changes that happen once you're on the set with real live actors and things become even more clear. In short: don't worry about it. Hey, Spock doesn't seem worried, so why should you be?

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