Expect to see a lot of James McAvoy in 2013. The Scottish star is slated to hit theaters in five separate vehicles this year. He's headlining opposite Jessica Chastain in Ned Benson's two-part relationship drama The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: His and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Hers. He's playing a bad cop who is bigoted, bipolar and drug-fueled in the adaptation of Irvine Welsh's crime novel Filth, and he plays a duplicitous but forgetful art auctioneer in Danny Boyle's Trance. But first, McAvoy will hit to the big screen as a good cop looking to collar an elusive criminal in Eran Creevy's Welcome to the Punch.

The original action-adventure penned by Creevy marks the London-born writer director's follow-up to his 2008 debut Shifty. Welcome to the Punch posits McAvoy opposite always-stellar supporting player Mark Strong, who portrays Jacob Sternwood, the notorious aforementioned baddie who comes out of hiding to visit his ailing son in a London hospital. But just when officer Max Lewinsky thinks this case is closed, he discovers there's more to it than he ever imagined, and he and Sternwood will need to team up. Check out the poster that features this distrustful duo below, courtesy of Empire:

Contrasting the black and white portraits of McAvoy and Strong with the blues of the helicopter-studded sky and hint of orange flames makes for a stark image. Curiously, while McAvoy is by far more recognizable to audiences and receives top billing here, Strong's pensive expression paired with a big gun steals focus. It makes for an intriguing pairing to say the least. But for more insight into the reported action of the movie, check out its first trailer.

Welcome to the Punch opens in the US and UK on March 15th.

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