With Sony’s mad and seemingly unnecessary reboot of the still fresh Spider-Man franchise having already alienated a lot of fans, you’d expect them to do something to draw them back in by establishing some sort of link between the old and new, even if it's just superficial. So that probably explains why Stan Lee will get another cameo in the newest Spider-Man, even though no one else who had anything to do with the previous movies will be involved. He announced it on his Twitter account just moments ago.

I suppose you could say this is Stan Lee giving the project his blessing, except the guy will give his blessing to pretty much anything as long as you give him enough money. I’m not sure his presence means much of anything anymore but, at his age, who cares? He’s earned it. Feel free to love him anyway.

Stan had a cameo role in all three of the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films as well as cameos in several other Marvel superhero movies like Iron Man and Fantastic Four. He’s not saying just exactly what sort of cameo he’ll have in the Spidey reboot, but you can check out all the places Stan Lee has cameoed in the past with the video embedded below. Watch closely:

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