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Wait, James Bond May Be Married In No Time To Die?
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Frozen II Review: A Dull, Confusing Story Not Saved By A Phenomenal Soundtrack

It comes up short when trying to tell a satisfying and fully coherent story.

That Time A Director Asked Jennifer Lopez To Show Him Her Breasts

Somebody clearly didn't know who they were talking to.

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Video | Daniel Kaluuya Interview: Actor Talks Black Panther 2, The Oscars And Queen & Slim

Listen to Daniel Kaluuya weigh in on the Marvel/Scorsese drama and more this clip from our ReelBlend podcast.

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Sterling K. Brown Reveals Cut Frozen II Scene And The Song He Lost Out On

Sterling K. Brown's character was very different in an earlier version of Frozen II.

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Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Explains Why The Rise Of Skywalker Was Her Favorite To Film
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Keanu Reeves Is Literally A Tumbleweed In New Spongebob Movie Trailer
Is Aquaman 2 Bringing Ocean Master Back? Here’s What Patrick Wilson Says

Could we see the first movie's villain in the sequel?

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The Way Back Trailer: Ben Affleck's New Movie With The Accountant Director Mixes Alcoholism And Basketball
How Ford v Ferrari’s James Mangold Intensified The Movie’s Crazy Race Sequences
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Noelle Review: The Disney+ Original Movie Is A Cute & Cozy Holiday Treat

For those looking for some wholesome Christmas fun this holiday season, Noelle is a sweet and sugary treat to take a bite out of.

Waves Review: The Modern Drama Is Grueling, Emotional, And Thoroughly Gripping

Waves is a stunning and exhausting piece, which is directed and acted flawlessly.

Fantastic Beasts 3: Are More Dumbledore And Hogwarts What The Sequel Needs?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald disappointed. Can the beloved wizard and the iconic school get this franchise back on track?

Turns Out Kevin Feige Originally Wanted Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine To Have His Comic Book Accurate Hair
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12 Crazy Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Avengers: Endgame

With the much-anticipated arrival of Disney+, we're taking a minute to look back on some of the craziest behind-the-scenes details that went into the making of this year's record-breaking Marvel crossover event, Avengers: Endgame.

Bill Condon Talks ‘Brilliant’ Robert Pattinson Batman Casting, Changes In The Actor Since Twilight
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Video | The Irishman Is Better Than Goodfellas

It stands shoulder to shoulder with The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.

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Why That Classic T-1000 Joke In Wayne's World Was Changed At The Very Last Minute
Movie News
ReelBlend #92: Our Favorite 1990s Movies And Our Bill Condon Interview
Movie News
Dark Waters Review: A Solid Eco Thriller, With A Very Human Heart

The most important factor that separates Dark Waters from other true stories involving legal procedure, is that it doesn’t forget to tell the very human story that inspired it in the first place.

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