Alec Baldwin's Boss Baby Is Building A Home Run Cast


Alec Baldwin's the type of guy you can count on to take care of business. So, naturally, he's the perfect choice to voice a commerce oriented toddler, who knows how to negotiate for his parent's attention, in the Dreamworks Animation film Boss Baby. But believe it or not, Baldwin has just landed some co-stars that are about to give him a run for his money.

The Hollywood Reporter picked up on the recent news that the Boss Baby cast has grown a healthy amount, and with some equally impressive comedic talent joining the roster. So, naturally, now's a good time to run down the roster and see who we're dealing with here. But before we start to rattle off names and resumes, let's take a look at the film's brief synopsis. The following is the what Boss Baby is going to be all about:

The story centers on a seven-year-old who decides he has to win back the love of his parents after the arrival of his brother, a bossy baby, who has uncanny ways of hogging the spotlight. In the process, the brothers discover a secret plot and must unite to save their parents and restore order to the world.

While that synopsis definitely sounds like Toy Story, by way of Look Who's Talking, the following cast members look like they can take this project to the next level of laughter.


Jimmy Kimmel

In the role of the father to Boss Baby, late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel will be trying to teach his children all of the valuable life lessons a man with a life long grudge against Matt Damon can teach. This is Kimmel's first animated feature since The Smurfs 2 in 2013, where he played the role of "Passive-Aggressive Smurf."


Lisa Kudrow

Playing the mom of the Baby Boss cast is none other than Friends and The Comeback star, Lisa Kudrow. In the case of Kudrow's casting, animated voice-overs are quite familiar to her resume, as she's done everything from Disney's Hercules cartoon series to Bojack Horseman. We can only imagine how much fun Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel will have recording their roles as the parents, especially if they get to play off of each other in the same room.


Steve Buscemi

Playing the bad guy isn't something new to Steve Buscemi, and neither is playing an animated figure. So Boss Baby may have landed themselves a double threat, that is if Buscemi's character of Francis E. Francis, the CEO of PuppyCo, happens to be a baddie. Considering the film calls for our two intrepid youngsters to uncover a dastardly plot, it's almost assumed that since there's a CEO character present, he'll be the man behind the plot. Buscemi was last heard in an episode of Bob's Burgers, but is also known for providing the voice of Wayne, the werewolf friend to Adam Sandler's Dracula, in Sony's smash hit from last year Hotel Transylvania 2.


Patton Oswalt

If the voice of Patton Oswalt doesn't automatically fill your head with the mention of his name, then you probably don't watch a lot of TV. Oswalt has provided the voice for not only numerous characters on Netflix's Bojack Horseman, but he's also the narrator on ABC's hit comedy The Goldbergs, and provided the voice of Remy the Rat in this little indie film called Ratatouille. Much like his character on The Goldbergs, Oswalt will play the adult version of the older child in the Baby Boss family, telling the audience the story from his point of view.

With a cast this prestigious in the comedy arts, it looks like Dreamworks Animation could have another much needed hit on their hands. Boss Baby has its eyes on a March 10, 2017 release date, and let's hope the studio doesn't decide to shuffle it too much, as we're really curious to see how this one plays out.

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