Warcraft's paltry domestic box office return of $24 million over its opening weekend would lead you to believe that the Duncan Jones helmed blockbuster was the latest in a long line of video-game adaptations to have faltered, but that only tells 1/16th of the story. Because while Warcraft has floundered in the US it has grossed $280.5 million internationally, and in China alone it has brought in $156.8 million in just five days. Warcraft is now even expected to seriously challenge the $390 million amassed by Furious 7 in the territory, which made it the highest grossing Hollywood movie ever in China.

China has firmly become a key market for Hollywood studios. Currently it's the second largest box office in the world, but it's expected that the country's revenue will surpass that of the United States at some point in 2017 to make it numero uno. Still, that doesn't mean that their audiences actually have good taste. Because several Hollywood blockbusters that were critically savaged and rejected by US audiences have prospered amongst the nation's 1.3 million inhabitants, and we've gathered up the heavy hitters.


U.S. Box Office Total: $24.3 million

China Box Office Total: $156 million

Rotten Tomato Score: 29%

Warcraft's success in China shouldn't come as much of a surprise. While American audiences were nonplussed by its release, the fact that half of Warcraft's five million players were based in China meant that it was always going to garner interest. Especially since the majority of these players are aged between 18-35, a demographic that usually has plenty of money to spend especially on such cinematic frivolities. Its release was also timed to coincide with the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a public holiday held in China.

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