Audiences heading to the theaters this week will be partying like it's 1996, as Roland Emmerich rings in the 20 year anniversary of Independence Day with the bombastic blockbuster sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence. Original stars Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman try to recapture the magic of 1996's highest-grossing sci-fi thriller (only, they have to do it without Will Smith, which is easier said than done).

We liked Independence Day. It's cheesy, and larger than life, and more fun than we probably expected 20 years ago. But just because a movie's celebrating a milestone doesn't always mean it deserves a follow up. In fact, when combing over the box office results of 1996, we found six movies we wish were getting a Part Two instead of Independence Day. They're filled with colorful characters we wish we could catch up with, played by actors who absolutely need another day in the sun. It's too late to get these sequels into movie theaters this year, but can Hollywood at least start the ball rolling on some of these dream sequels?

The Rock

Arguably Michael Bay's best movie, The Rock found Nicolas Cage teaming up with Sean Connery to infiltrate the impenetrable Alcatraz and stop terrorists from launching a chemical weapon on San Francisco. In years past, this mismatched duo would have been reunited to prevent another disaster at a different tourist destination, but Hollywood let the dynamic duo of Mason (Connery) and Goodspeed (Cage) rest. But how awesome would a new Rock movie with a deranged, older Cage and a crusty Connery be in 2016? It'd get the iconic Connery out of retirement, and give Bay a better franchise than the Transformers in which to play. Set it at the Eiffel Tower, and we're ready to Rock and roll.

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