5 Dumb And Dumber To Jokes Only Die-Hard Fans Will Get

Twenty years after they confused and entertained audiences with their idiotic brand of comedy, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels took the world (and social media) by storm with the trailer for Dumb and Dumber To, an anticipated follow up that hopefully ignores the prequel Dumb and Dumberer and plugs right back into the world of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

It’s like none of us aged since 1994.

And there are a handful of things that haven’t changed since the last time Peter and Bobby Farrelly dabbled in Dumb comedy. Because the original movie was such a massive hit, there are notable callbacks that fans can probably see. Some go by so quickly, you almost have to freeze frame the trailer to make sure what you actually saw. Others are references to the initial movie that have progressed, graduated and… well, I want to say "matured," but that’s likely the wrong word to use to describe Dumb and Dumber To. Here are the 5 callback jokes we spotted in the first full trailer for Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels’ sequel. What else did you see or hear? Share your finds in the comments section below!

Mary Samsonite

Mary Samsonite

The woman of Lloyd Christmas’s dreams. The beauty so unattainable, he had the slimmest chance of being with her… but he clung to that sliver of hope like a drowning man holding on to a life preserver. Lloyd (Jim Carrey) so loved Mary Samsonite (Lauren Holly) – not her real name – that his quest to return her briefcase was the spine of the initial Dumb and Dumber. And as we can see in this first trailer, Lloyd’s heartbreak over the loss of Mary is the reason why Harry thinks his best friend is in a mental health facility. Only, that’s not the reason at all. Gotcha!

Fraida Felcher

Fraida Felcher

The legendary hose hound from Cranston! Fraida Felcher was mentioned in the first Dumb and Dumber, but never appeared on screen. Harry (Jeff Daniels) recalls an intimate encounter he had with Fraida while he and Lloyd are soaking in the hot tub at the Second Honeymoon Hotel. Fraida worked at a tractor factory, but broke up with Harry shortly after they had sex… sending him a John Deere letter. Well, in Dumb and Dumber To, we get to meet Fraida Felcher, finally, where she’ll be played by Kathleen Turner. Is she really the mother of Harry’s child? Or is this all a bait-and-switch?

Dog Truck

The Mutts Cutts Dog Truck

It’s funny to see how little has changed in the world of Dumb and Dumber. Jim Carrey’s wardrobe is virtually the same as what he wore in the first movie. Not the tuxedo, though that might make a welcome return. But his dishwater-grey jacket over the red shirt, all underneath his bowl cut. Also returning? The duo’s dog van, with the floppy ears and the tongue sticking out of the grill. We’re not sure who is driving the van, as it only makes a brief visual snippet in the trailer. And we’re not sure why the vehicle is taking flight. Are the boys being chased by someone? Are they racing to meet someone? We’ll know more in a few more months, but it’s great to know that the Mutts Cutts mobile is back in the picture.


That Awkward Way They Ride a Bike

I couldn’t watch this awkwardly funny shot of Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) riding a bike without thinking of an hysterical joke from the first movie. It’s supposed to look sexual. And it does! But it’s also a throwback to the characters clinging to each other on the back of that moped that they rode in the first Dumb and Dumber. Remember when they pulled into the chilly Colorado resort town? It was so cold, the snot leaving their noses froze to their faces. And when Lloyd got up, Harry stuck to his back. Well, they are back on a bike. And Lloyd remains the driver, with Harry pulling up the rear. Some jokes don’t get old.

Like It

"I Like It A Lot!"

This one is the only (I believe) blatant throwback to the original Dumb and Dumber. Jim Carrey saying "I like it a lot" is a direct quote carried over from the first film. And that reminded me that quotes from comedies ALWAYS used to carry over, and it was kind of like a wink to the audience when they were repeated in the sequels. Carrey, himself, cultivated a few repeat lines in his Ace Ventura sequel, with "Alrighty then!" probably being the most popular. Almost everything that we see in this clip suggest that Lloyd and Harry haven’t changed a whole heck of a lot in the 20 years since we last saw them. Same car. Same wardrobes. Same sad apartment. Same sense of adventure. And the same punchlines? Yes, for now, we like it a lot!

Sean O'Connell
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