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Lights Out Trailer: You Probably Don’t Want To Be By Yourself When You Watch This

The fear of the dark is a common fear that's woven throughout humanity's survival strategies, as well as its popular culture. So, obviously, the premise behind Lights Out is one that looks pretty damned frightening, and this latest trailer certainly backs that up. Prepare to keep the lights on tonight, as you can watch the trailer below.

The second trailer was released through Warner Bros earlier today, and there's a fair amount of new footage included in our new look at the James Wan produced film. Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) and her younger brother have always had issues with the dark, and the terrors they thought it may hold. As it turns out, those fears weren't as unfounded as they were lead to believe, especially considering their mother, Sophie (Maria Bello) happens to have a special friend in the dark. A friend by the name of Diana that has no intention of leaving, and has Sophie's full co-operation. Whenever the lights go out, Diana is waiting for her prey.

Lights Out previously existed as a short film created and directed by David F. Sandberg, the man who is also directing the feature film version for Warner Bros / New Line. While this is far from the first time a film has found itself originating out of a successful short film on the internet, this is one of those cases where the expansion looks like it can actually work. Though you're free to debate us on that point, as we've included the original short below. While the concept of Lights Out has evolved from what you'll see in the short below, the basic concept is still pretty freaky.

In a summer that's already brought us The Conjuring 2, horror fans won't go hungry if Lights Out turns out to be more of a dud than we've been lead to believe. However, James Wan's stamp of approval does still count for something, and with the short actually delivering some powerful scares without resorting to cheap tricks, the odds are we've got some strong scares coming our way. Of course, the PG-13 rating could prove us wrong, but with the dark / altered lighting of most of the attack scenes in the film, they could get away with more than the average movie-goer would assume.

Lights Out will try to scare up an audience on July 22nd.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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