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New Batman V Superman Video Shows How The Batcave Was Made

When Batman finishes a night of fighting crime, he doesn't simply go back to Wayne Manor to relax or continue his investigations. No, for all things related to his superhero identity, he hangs out in the Batcave, a location that's been key to the Bat-mythos for decades. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gave moviegoers the latest version of the cool hideout, and now you can see how it was constructed in a new video.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Batcave definitely felt the most modern of the previous cinematic versions, and this new featurette makes it clear throughout that the cave is actual creation, not simply created in post-production. Production designer Patrick Tatapoulos pointed out how every structure on the set was actually "floating," i.e. it's hanging from the walls or ceiling, but not being held up by any kind of pillar. "On Screen Graphics" specialist Gladys Tong also showed how they were able to control parts of the Batcave to create as real an experience for the actors involved, a.k.a. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons.

Among the key features of the DCEU's Batcave are the Batcomputer and the work station where Alfred works on the Batsuit. Like many parts of the Batcave, the computer is suspended in midair, leaving Bruce Wayne's chair as the only thing in that area that actually touches the ground. As for the workstation, the table was actually able to be moved so that Alfred could move it closer to the Batsuit if necessary, rather than it just remain stationary. Even Jeremy Irons praised the construction of the set, noting how clever the "hanging" design was.

Unlike previous versions of the Batcave, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's wasn't located directly beneath Wayne Manor. While the giant mansion was a shell of its former self following some kind of fire, the Cave and the glass house within was constructed in the same area where Bruce Wayne fell as a child. Despite the different location, the Batcave's function remains the same as all the others: providing Batman an office of sorts to conduct his vigilante lifestyle, as well as house all his tools and vehicles. He even has a memorial case containing the defaced Robin costume, informing the audience that one of his sidekicks met a grisly end. Fans can likely look forward to seeing more of this Batcave next year in Justice League, as Bruce Wayne is nowhere near done with his crimefighting activities.

You can now watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, be it the theatrical or extended edition, on digital HD, and the Blu-ray will hit shelves on July 19.

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