New Video Shows How Many Mistakes Are In Disney's Tarzan


Disney's Tarzan was a film that made a boat load of money, as well as a ton of childhood memories. So, obviously, a CinemaSins video was in its future, what with Warner Bros taking their own bite at the apple with The Legend of Tarzan. But just how "bad" is Disney's Phil Collins laden spectacular that entertained you so many years ago? Well, depending on how much you agree with Jeremy's assessment, it's either misunderstood or it's a total shit show. Watch the video below, and pass your own judgements.

The total sin count in CinemaSins' rundown of Disney's Tarzan is a pretty hefty 112 sins, which were tallied during the course of the 88 minutes of the film's running time. That's right, if you count a sin per minute for the film's running time, there's still 24 sins left over to count. With that many sins, you'd think that the film was fundamentally flawed, but as with any CinemaSins video, some of the sins make sense, while others are total bullshit.

For instance, in the pro Sins camp, Kerchak's dickish nature towards Tarzan is no longer a mere factor of adversity for the film, seeing as if it weren't for our protagonist's presence, nothing that happens in the movie would have ever happened. Now whether the gorilla colony would have eventually faced the wrath of Clayton, that's a conversation to have on another day. But would their position been much harder to find without a trip the spot everyone else would having landed mop-topped wild child leading them straight for them? That's a solid yes.

For those of you who are more forgiving movie goers, or if you come from an audience that's used to Disney films stretching the truth, there was a lot of sinning in this video that may have made you a bit upset for Tarzan. In particular, some of the nitpicks about that special brand of "Disney magic", such as Tarzan's aging through a montage or the ability for apes to speak to Tarzan, might feel like a bit much. While no movie is without sin, and Disney is known to break the rules more than most, it goes without saying that Jeremy is a bit more unforgiving with the stuff Disney fans may find cute. Though, to be fair, if you had to analyse the entire Disney canon over time, you'd probably feel very similar.

Of course, we'd love to see Jeremy do a follow-up / comparison of Tarzan to its more modern counterpart, if only so we could hear the anger in Jeremy's voice sharpening his wit. _In the meantime, you can see The Legend Of Tarzan in theaters now, with _Tarzan available on home video.

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