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Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Gets A Haunting, Beautiful New Poster

Posters may have the hardest job in all of movie marketing. How do you explain to an audience what an entire film is about in only a single image? Well, when everybody already knows the subject matter, it means you can focus on making that one image say a great deal. Mark Wahlberg's new film Patriot's Day tells the story of what happened after the Boston Marathon bombing, and its poster is bhoth beautiful and chilling.

Patriots Day

The attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, one of the most well-known sporting events in the nation, resonated with millions of people. As such, it became a rallying cry for unity and patriotism, as other events in the past have also done. The Patriots Day poster gives that feeling of national unity, while also remembering where the event took place, by giving us a makeshift American flag, made from the laces of running shoes. The poster doesn't explicitly tell you what it's about, many, especially those in the Boston area, don't need to be reminded, the rest of us don't need to think too long to figure it out.

Along with the poster, CBS Films also released a new synopsis of Patriots Day:

In the aftermath of an unspeakable act of terror, Police Sergeant TOMMY SAUNDERS (Mark Wahlberg) joins courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the bombers before they strike again. Weaving together the stories of Special Agent RICHARD DESLAURIERS (Kevin Bacon), Police Commissioner ED DAVIS (John Goodman), Sergeant JEFFREY PUGLIESE (J.K. Simmons) and nurse CAROL SAUNDERS (Michelle Monaghan) this visceral and unflinching chronicle captures the suspense of the most sophisticated manhunt in law enforcement history and the strength of the people of Boston.

Patriots Day is going all out in an attempt to truly capture the events of that time period. Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz, who gave a memorable, and viral, speech following the suspects arrest, will actually recreate his speech for the film, in order to add a layer of additional authenticity to the film.

Patriots Day is one of two upcoming films that will deal with the Boston Marathon Bombing. While the Mark Wahlberg film will focus on the manhunt for the suspects that followed the traumatic event, Jake Gyllenhaal's Boston Strong will deal more with how the attack impacted the people of Boston on a more personal level.

Patriots Day is scheduled for a limited release this December, before seeing its wide release in January of 2017. It's clear Patriots sees itself as a major Oscar contender, as many films based on real life events tend to be. It's certainly looking to tug at our heart strings this holiday season.

Dirk Libbey

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