Finding Dory took a side character from an earlier film, Finding Nemo, and built an entirely new story around her. In doing so, Pixar made a movie that is now their second highest grossing film of all-time. It has even surpassed its story predecessor. If the sidekick from Finding Nemo can make an even more successful film, then it leads one to wonder, what could a sidekick from Finding Dory accomplish?

Finding Dory introduces an entire of school worth of new and interesting side characters, and there are several with whom we would all love to spend more time. Here are a few ideas for future spin-offs we'd love to see with the cast of Finding Dory.


Hank is the most obvious choice for a Finding Dory follow-up, for a number of reasons. First off, he's the primary sidekick character, as Dory was the last time around. Secondly, like Dory, his character was set up with something missing that he needs to find: his arm. We're not saying that he's going to actually go in search of his arm, but the missing arm creates questions a sequel could answer. Octopuses are normally capable of regrowing tentacles. So why didn't Hank do this? The circumstances surrounding his missing arm make us wonder about him as a character. What did he go through before we met him at the Marine Life Institute? We want to know more in Finding Hank.

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