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The Finding Dory Characters Who Most Deserve Their Own Spinoff

Finding Dory took a side character from an earlier film, Finding Nemo, and built an entirely new story around her. In doing so, Pixar made a movie that is now their second highest grossing film of all-time. It has even surpassed its story predecessor. If the sidekick from Finding Nemo can make an even more successful film, then it leads one to wonder, what could a sidekick from Finding Dory accomplish?

Finding Dory introduces an entire of school worth of new and interesting side characters, and there are several with whom we would all love to spend more time. Here are a few ideas for future spin-offs we'd love to see with the cast of Finding Dory.

Finding Dory


Hank is the most obvious choice for a Finding Dory follow-up, for a number of reasons. First off, he's the primary sidekick character, as Dory was the last time around. Secondly, like Dory, his character was set up with something missing that he needs to find: his arm. We're not saying that he's going to actually go in search of his arm, but the missing arm creates questions a sequel could answer. Octopuses are normally capable of regrowing tentacles. So why didn't Hank do this? The circumstances surrounding his missing arm make us wonder about him as a character. What did he go through before we met him at the Marine Life Institute? We want to know more in Finding Hank.

Finding Dory

Bailey and Destiny

While we're not sure that Bailey or Destiny are really in a position to hold a film on their own, as a pair we think they'd be magic. Even the screenwriter of Finding Dory wants to see more of them, and, as we know with Pixar, it's their desire to tell a story that gets movies made. What interests us about these two is the way they work together. Each has something of a disability, but the beluga whale and whale shark help each other to overcome them. This creates an opportunity not only for a heartfelt story about friends working together, but also some fantastic comedy as the two try to navigate the ocean together, surely ending up in one crazy situation after another. We'd title this one Finding Help.

Finding Dory

Dory's Parents

This would be a departure for Pixar, but we're sure it's one they could handle. There would be very little comedy in a movie that followed Dory's parents in their attempt to rescue their daughter. What sort of life did these two live once they realized Dory was gone? Just how far do those trails of shells actually lead? There must have been moments when each lost faith that they'd ever see their daughter again. While we know that the story has a happy ending, this movie would have to end without any idea they'd ever see Dory again, so we're calling it Finding Closure.

Finding Dory

Fluke and Rudder

Before Dominic West and Idris Elba were the voices of sea lions Fluke and Rudder, they both starred on HBO's hit series The Wire. This seems like an opportunity far too perfect to pass up. While having Fluke turn out to be a kingpin responsible for smuggling some sort of fish narcotic into the ocean is probably a bit too crazy, seeing these two work together on the right side of the law could be perfect, Elba was Luther too, after all. A fish is found floating at the surface of the water with no apparent cause of death. What happened? Fluke and Rudder are Finding The Guilty.

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