How The New Pixar Short, Piper, Compares Against The Rest

While last weekend saw the debut of Finding Dory, she wasn't the only animal to take center stage as part of Pixar's newest release. Along with Dory, we also met Piper, a baby sandpiper who learns how to find food in the short film which preceded the feature.

While Pixar has created countless classic feature films over the years, they've also put together a stellar collection of short films to go along with them. How does Piper stack up? Here's our ranking of every theatrically released Pixar short film, including the newest entry.

For The Birds

14. For the Birds

This is one that maybe hasn't survived the test of time quite as well as some others, For the Birds won an Academy Award, but ultimately it's a setup for a single joke, and while the joke is good, several other shorts have much more going on.


13. Lifted

Because sometimes the space alien trying to abduct you has to be professionally evaluated. Lifted is cute, and not without laughs, but it's missing the laugh (or cry) out loud moment that the best Pixar provides.


12. Lava

Lava is beautiful, and the song is lovely. Unfortunately, the animation is an accompaniment for the song, which is what is really telling the story. It should be the other way around.

Knick Knack

11. Knick Knack

While an earlier production made in 1989, Knick Knack wasn't released until Finding Nemo in 2003. It follows a Snowman inside a snowglobe trying to break out and join more tropical souvenirs. It's a classic example of Pixar's ability to tell a story without words.


10. Boundin'

The first theatrically released short to include words (narration by creator Bud Lucky). While the message of the piece is very explicitly stated, as opposed to being left to the audience, this one was a step toward what Pixar was truly capable of in regards to offering more than simply an entertaining piece of animation.

Partly Cloudy

9. Partly Cloudy

Peter Sohn, who would go on to direct The Good Dinosaur, created Partly Cloudy. Much like that feature film, Partly Cloudy is fairly straightforward, something Pixar usually isn't, but in both cases the heart, and the humor, are in the right place.

Geri's Game

8. Geri's Game

This is a story about a game of chess where one of the players is kind of a dick. The catch is that one old man is playing both sides. We're not sure how much sense it ultimately makes, but the charm helps this one get to the next level.

Day and Night

7. Day and Night

Day and Night is...weird. We're still not sure if it's genius or insanity but it is certainly creative. Since we're not quite sure where it goes, it goes in the middle.

One Man Band

6. One Man Band

A fairly unique art style among Pixar creations, some fun music, and a great punchline combine to make One Man Band a solid short. It's not to be missed if you haven't seen it.

La Luna

5. La Luna

Many Pixar features deal with concepts like growing up, understanding yourself, and becoming your own person. La Luna does all of this as well as any of them, in less than seven minutes.


4. Piper

It may be new, but we feel like Piper is one that's going to survive the test of time. The story is both funny and heartwarming, and the animation is simply stunning to watch. Piper is as creative and interesting as any Pixar character.


3. Presto

Presto is a unique film, as it's a Pixar production,which opens like a classic Walt Disney animated short, but it obviously owes a great deal to Looney Tunes for its inspiration. One of the most laugh out loud funny shorts that Pixar has yet produced.

The Blue Umbrella

2. The Blue Umbrella

The photorealistic animation style makes The Blue Umbrella feel like something entirely new and fresh. The music is mesmerizing and transportive. This one is something special.

Sanjay's Super Team

1. Sanjay's Super Team

Sanjay's Super Team is the culmination of everything that makes Pixar animation great. It's got beautifully stylized animation, as much heart as any Pixar creation, and a great story about two cultures and generations finding common ground. As a superhero story, it's even got some action to top it all off.

Dirk Libbey
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