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Already on a role with their streak of live-action reboots to their animated classics, Disney is looking to role the dice again this August with the modern version of Pete's Dragon. With some pretty impressive footage already finding its way to our eyes, the first clip from the film has been released. And somehow, it's missing something rather large. We won't spoil the surprise here, but we encourage you to watch the clip below and see for yourself.

Yahoo Movies broke the clip, with Flicks and the City 2 broadcasting the clip on YouTube, and you can see where our concerns come into play. You see, despite already revealing the dragon from Pete's Dragon in the film's latest trailer, there's no dragon to be seen in this first clip. Technically, if you count a drawing of the dragon, then this claim is all for nothing. But seeing as we've been given a full look at Pete's Dragon, the lack of Pete or his dragon is kind of big absence. Though, we do get the full scene of Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard discussing the discovery of Pete, as well as the possibility of him being saved by his dragon.

In the age of the "mystery box" style of marketing, you would think that Pete's Dragon would have kept the dragon in the title as a secret until the film was at least two weekends into its run. But considering the weak returns of the summer marketplace, even a giant like Disney is probably worried that their late season product is going to fail to draw a big enough crowd to return their investment. Which makes us question the fact that this first clip has no glimpses of the dragon even harder.

For reference, take a look at the latest full trailer, shown below.

While this tender moment does show the more human side to the story that Pete's Dragon will endeavor to tell, it's still surprising that the actual dragon doesn't appear once. Though it is important to remember, this is the first of what will probably be many clips that advertise David Lowery's ambitious remake. Not to mention, we're probably going to get another theatrical trailer to advertise the film's content at some point this summer, so it's not like this is the last time Disney will pitch this film to audiences. Let's hope that the next look at Pete's Dragon will appeal more to our whimsical side, and not our worrying nature.

Pete's Dragon soars through the clouds, dragon and all, on August 12th.

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