Zootopia Has A Lot More Problems Than We Realized, Watch Them Here

Disney's Zootopia is one of the highest grossing movies of the year. It seems that pretty much everybody loves it. Of course, nobody claims that it's perfect. Those spoilsports at CinemaSins have reviewed the billion dollar blockbuster, and while they aren't as cruel to it as they are to many films, no movie is without sin. Here's everything wrong with Zootopia.

The first thing to point out is that Zootopia is a fairly short video from the CinemaSins team. They'll happily take 20 minutes to count up a film's multitude of sins if they feel the time is well spent. Occasionally, they've even had to break up a movie into multiple videos just to keep things from getting out of hand. At less than 10 minutes, Zootopia already seems to have eeked out a win here. It also gets an early sin removed for young Judy Hopps being legitimately funny very early in the film.

From there, however, things go downhill. Zootopia gets dinged for quoting FDR, which is fair, because the animal world here isn't presented as being a carbon copy ours, only with animals, so Judy should not be quoting FDR. Having said that, if there was an animal World War II, then I know exactly what the Zootopia sequel needs to be about. Also, while we're glad that CinemaSins has educated us on the appropriate number and location of gazelle breasts, we're still glad the movie didn't put them in the correct location. That just would have been weird.

We are going to agree with the video that while Judy Hopps is welcome to be annoyed by being stuck on parking duty, as the newest cop on the force who is literally on her first day, that really shouldn't be viewed as a "because she's a bunny" thing. She the noob and as such she gets stuck with the crappy job. This is something that pretty much anybody who has ever had a job can relate to. Let's not go into the number of terrible movies I've reviewed this year.

I will take issue with a couple of the sins here, however. The jumbo pop is the size that it is because it's made for elephants, not foxes, so that's why it's so big, that's clear, right? Also, Judy's apartment is a "human" apartment because all animals in the movie live the way humans do. It's sort of the entire point of the movie, keep up. Finally, the sloth joke is funny. It just is, the movie sells the shit out of the sloth joke and is to be commended for it, not sinned.

In the end, Zootopia receives 78 sins, and a sentence of being sent to an actual zoo. A fairly impressive result considering some of the abominations that the movie is up against. What did you think was the biggest sin committed by Zootopia? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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