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A new photo from Kong: Skull Island has proven that the production is taking that theme very seriously, and it looks like we'll be getting something very special when the film finally opens. Get your first look at the brand new image here.

Damn. This image from the rebooted tale Kong: Skull Island appeared on the Entertainment Weekly Twitter feed earlier, and, as you can see, this movie will not be playing around. Stars Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, along with two other cast members, are standing in front of what will soon become the largest skull known to man, providing that at least one of them makes it off this mysterious island to spread the word of what they saw. There also appear to be some giant toe bones, maybe, to the right of them and, possibly, a massive rib to the left. I don't know, really, my knowledge of supernaturally huge ape anatomy isn't on point. But you get it: the bones be big.

This new iteration of the famous monster story will take place in 1971. It's a time period that allows the story to feel more magical and fantastical than it would if it were set in the current day. There was no 24 hour news cycle yet, no cell phones, no internet...Hell, even making an international phone call was still an ordeal. So it's a lot more likely that once the explorers land on a secret island covered in weird, giant stuff that wants to kill them, they're going to be totally on their own when it comes to survival. And that should make the action of the film all the more intense and thrilling.

Kong: Skull Island will focus on Captain James Conrad, who goes with an expedition to Skull Island looking for his brother, who disappeared there while searching for a mythical potion that's said to cure all illness. Brie Larson plays a war photographer who is probably interested in getting some cool shots of all the new creatures that the little explored island will offer up, and you can bet the group will come across a whole lot of crazy as they search for Conrad's brother. The cast also features, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Toby Kebbell (Fantastic Four, Warcraft), John C. Reilly and Shea Whigham (The Wolf of Wall Street, Star Trek Beyond).

After looking at this photo, it's hard not to be excited for all the ginormous freaky shit that will be coming our way when Kong: Skull Island is finally released. As usual, it will be fun to see how much of the star-studded cast gets sacrificed in the sure-to-be non-stop dangerous adventure that their characters will be riding along for. And, as is a given in a King Kong movie, I can't wait to see that giant ape wreak some badass havoc. Kong: Skull Island arrives in theaters on March 10, 2017.

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