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The newest Star Trek film comes out this Friday, and it's expected that a large number of people are planning to check it out. If that's the case for you, Simon Pegg has something important that he'd like you to know. Although you may be super excited to check out all the various marketing efforts the studio implements in the next week, Pegg believes fans should just skip them all between now and Friday:

Simon Pegg's Twitter feed, which is no longer run by Simon himself but instead by others on his behalf, is recommending that fans just skip any ad spots or trailers for the next five days. Of course, this raises the question, is the writer of Star Trek Beyond just being cautious, or does he actually know something about upcoming ads and what material is contained within them? Trailers and TV ads are created by marketing people within the studio, usually with little to no involvement from any of the actual filmmakers. As a result, the stuff that ends up a part of them can many times be stuff that spoils key plot points or gives away entire films. Other times, it means that a movie can be cut in such a way that it doesn't resemble the final product in any real way.

There's also another possibility, rather than containing too much information, they could just be awful. We know that this has already happened once. The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond was criticized by Simon Pegg himself for being a little too heavy on the Beastie Boys, and a little too light on the "Star Trek stuff." It was very action heavy, which has never been Star Trek's main draw. It's certainly not outside the realm of possibility that something similar could be happening in regards to these final advertisements. Maybe Simon wants people to avoid the ads because he's afraid they'll convince people to just not see the movie.

It's unfortunate if these last minute spots contain too much spoiler material. For the most part, Star Trek Beyond has done a pretty good job of keeping itself under wraps. We know that Idris Elba plays an alien who attacks the Enterprise. We know the crew crashes on an alien planet. From there, things are much more hazy, which is exactly where we like it. Even if these new ads don't contain any specific twists or secrets, we'd still just rather that we didn't see them. The more of the film that's new when we get to the theater, the better.

Will you be steering clear of any ads for Star Trek Beyond in order to avoid spoilers, is this something you do with movie advertising anyway? Let us know in the comments.

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