After years of anticipation, Batman fans will finally have a chance to experience a proper adaptation of Alan Moore's The Killing Joke as a bona fide movie. Plenty of films have adapted bits and piece of the material, but the upcoming film represents the first time that the iconic story will actually come to life on the silver screen. Warner Bros has pulled no punches on this one, and the filmmakers behind the project deliver a gripping, hard-R version of the legendary tale that completely honors Moore's original graphic novel.

However, despite how faithful The Killing Joke is to the source material, it also goes out of its way to improve upon certain aspects of the original story. We've taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the six biggest ways that The Killing Joke movie outperforms its inspiration. If (and when) you finally see the film, we have a feeling you'll be compelled to agree. Now let's get started with No.1...

Batgirl Gets More To Do

Without question the most substantial change made to The Killing Joke comes in the way it treats Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl. Unlike the graphic novel, Batgirl actually gets to suit up and kick an insane amount of ass before Joker arrives on the scene and takes her legs from her with a bullet to the spine. By giving her more to do and showing how much she actually enjoys being a hero, the movie makes her fall from grace even more tragic. Some people have taken issue with the fact that Barbara Gordon's expanded story seemingly makes her "pine" after Batman, but closer inspection reveals that her arc really revolves around weaning herself off of an addiction to the cowl, rather than gaining attention from her mentor.

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