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With just over a week before the release of Suicide Squad, the promotion for the film is in full force. As such, the cast was recently in Miami, where one member, who happens to be an accomplished musical performer, fell back into an old persona. Will Smith tested out the old rap music skills, and as it turns out, he's still got it. Check out Will Smith singing "Miami" for a local crowd, with several of the Suicide Squad cast backing him up.

There's a reason that Will Smith was able to transition nearly seamlessly from rapper to TV star to movie superstar. Much of that reason is that the man is incredibly charismatic. He's got this crowd hanging on his every word, and only part of that is because Will Smith is singing about the city that he's in. Of course, when you have the likes of Margot Robbie, Karen Fukuhara, and even Suicide Squad director David Ayer providing your backup dancing, it's sure to get more attention.

Will Smith seems to go in cycles where he gets back into rapping again. Are we witnessing the beginning of a new run in the music world? Will Smith was introduced to the world in 1986 as The Fresh Prince with the release of his first album (with partner DJ Jazzy Jeff) Rock the House. The music took a back seat to his acting career when Smith began to act on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In 1997, Smith came back to music under his own name, often releasing songs associated with his movies, like Men in Black and Wild, Wild West. In that last case, the song may have been the best thing about the film.

It's been over 10 years since Will Smith has released any rap albums. It's clear that he's still got the skill. He also appears to be having a lot of fun up there. Say what you will about Will Smith's ability as a rapper. Would having him do the official song for Suicide Squad have been that much worse than what we got?

Music choices notwithstanding, we're certainly excited to see Suicide Squad finally arrive in theaters. Although, we hope that the team worked better together on the set than they did at that block party. We're getting a distinct lack of motivation from Will Smith's backup dancers there. Don't they know how rap music works? The backup dancing is important, people. Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.