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Remember when having Brendan Frasier headline a franchise represented a guaranteed box office success? I know, it's been a while. Times change, and as such Universal needs a star with far more lasting power to take center stage in the upcoming reboot of The Mummy series. The studio seems to have found that quality in action icon (and running enthusiast) Tom Cruise. A new photo from the set of The Mummy putting the Hollywood A-lister front and center; check it out below.

This set photo comes to us courtesy of actress Annabelle Wallis, who snapped the picture on set and posted it to her Twitter account. The photo features Wallis and Tom Cruise alongside fellow cast member Jake Johnson and Courtney B. Vance. Production on the project is currently underway in Namibia, and it's clear that the members of the film's principle ensemble have already begun to get their hands dirty out in the desert sands.

The photo doesn't really offer us much in the way of concrete plot information, but we can already glean how this version of The Mummy will differ from previous incarnations. While this new continuity will feel similar to the Brendan Frasier version in the sense that it will follow a group of archeologists and soldiers excavating in the Egyptian desert, this new chapter of the franchise will take place in a contemporary era. The clothing worn by the actors is a dead giveaway that when The Mummy gets loose, they will have far more advanced technology to fight it than Frasier's 1930's era weaponry. Goodbye Tommy Guns and hello missile launchers.

Of course, it's kind of hard to be surprised by this particular revelation. If there's one thing Tom Cruise has consistently done well throughout his career, it's visceral, fast-paced blockbuster action sequences.

It also remains unclear exactly how this particular incarnation of The Mummy will factor into the greater Universal Monster Universe. The studio has made no secret about the fact that they wish to link their iconic silver screen monsters together in a shared universe -- something akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DCEU. However, this represents a very different undertaking because they have to find ways to make Tom Cruise's character from The Mummy eventually meet monsters like Dracula, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and even The Wolfman. Assembling The Avengers is one thing, but it will be fascinating to see how Universal logically links these films together.

Cinema Blend will bring you more information related to the upcoming release of The Mummy as it becomes available to us. The reboot of the iconic Universal monster franchise will scare its way into theaters next summer on June 9, 2017.

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