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Suicide Squad has been getting a lot of flak from critics ever since the first batch of reviews were posted online. Most of the criticism has been directed at the movie's tone, uneven plot and how it failed to give the DC Extended Universe a proper jolt. However, comedian and director Mike Birbiglia's issue isn't with the movie itself, but with why the Motion Picture Association of America led it slide into theaters with a PG-13 rating despite its violent content.

Birbiglia noted on his Twitter account earlier today that Suicide Squad was packed with guns and bombings, yet it was only rated PG-13, while his own movie, the comedy Don't Think Twice, earned an R rating simply for smoking pot. The official reasons for Don't Think Twice being rated R are labeled as "language and some drug use." While the trailers and clips certainly point towards Suicide Squad pushing those PG-13 limits, it's just one of many superhero movies that both younger and older fans will be able to enjoy in the theater.

Before it earned its rating, many fans were wondering if Suicide Squad would be rated R. After all, the story does revolve around a group of super villains who go on especially dangerous missions. Bullets start flying, blood starts spurting, their operations usually aren't pretty. That speculation was put to rest earlier this year, but director David Ayer has expressed interest in trying to make Suicide Squad 2 R-rated. As for Don't Think Twice, while it may have that R rating and isn't nearly as well known, it has earned many positive reviews, so it has that going for it.

Sympathizing with Mike Birbiglia, Trainwreck director Judd Apatow responded to the above tweet to provide his own explanation for why movie studios often take it easier on violent movies and take a firm hand against pot and sex-related comedies.

While it's debatable whether that's applicable to all movies, in Suicide Squad's case, Warner Bros definitely wanted it to reach as wide an audience as possible. Sure, Deadpool proved earlier this year that an action-packed superhero comedy can be successful, but with the DCEU still young, the studio likely didn't want to risk releasing some more intense on the off chance it would negatively affect their box office draw. Even though early reception hasn't been great, it definitely looks like Suicide Squad will be drawing in those big bucks.

Suicide Squad will be released to the public on Friday, while Don't Think Twice is currently playing in theaters.

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