After another big superhero movie debuting last weekend, we have three movies on tap this week that are all geared toward totally different crowds. We've got kids with unusual pets, socialites turned bad opera singers, and dirty food. Get ready for Florence Foster Jenkins, Pete's Dragon and Sausage Party. It's gonna be a Rotten Week!

Rotten Watch Prediction

Pete's Dragon is a remake of the classic 1977 live-action/animation Disney film, and tells the story of a boy named Pete, who has spent years of his young life living in the woods being protected by a dragon. Frankly, it looks fantastic. It's never easy pulling off live action with something like a dragon (Daenerys and company aside), but director David Lowery the the Disney crew have come up with something special here, a beast both imposing and lovable looking.

Critics' early reviews are ranging well above positive (83% with 23 reviews posted), and many are lauding the heartwarming nature of the story, the visual effects, and the child-like nature of it all. The detractors do warn the story is a bit slow and unconstructed. Though for a kid's movie I think we get out of here well on the plus side.

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