Bryce Dallas Howard Is Ready To Direct A Feature Film, Here's Why

Bryce Dallas Howard has come a long way since her 1995 debut as "Girl in Yellow Dress" in Apollo 13, regularly working with talented filmmakers on big projects. Last year she found herself at the center of one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood with Jurassic World, and this Friday audiences will see her in director David Lowery's wonderful remake of Pete's Dragon. Surely her career will only continue to grow in front of the camera, but that's not where all of her ambitions lie. She also has some big goals as director, as she thinks she's ready to take on the immense dedication that it takes.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bryce Dallas Howard at the Pete's Dragon press day in Los Angeles last month, and it was while talking about her career goals that Howard spoke to her desire to take the helm of her very own feature film. I asked if moving behind the camera was something she was particularly interested in, and she explained that it's something that she's been working towards for a while now, and has her excited for the future. Said Howard,

I've directed a ton of short films and commercials and digital content and all that. But I've never directed a feature before. And I would love to! Growing up in a household with a director as a parent, I know kind of what the commitment is. It's very different for a director than it is for an actor. For an actor it's like maximum six months; for a director it's minimum two years! So I'm a little more precious about that and kind of what the first one may be, but I would love the opportunity for sure.

As she pointed out, and as you surely all have mentally noted to yourself, Bryce Dallas Howard does have directing in her blood -- specifically from her father's side. Ron Howard, who himself is an actor-turned-director, not only gave his daughter her first three big screen roles (in the aforementioned Apollo 13, as well as How The Grinch Stole Christmas and A Beautiful Mind), but also apparently some serious inspiration. From watching her father work, she recognizes how much effort goes into taking the helm of a feature, and it's clear that's an effort that she respects.

You can watch Bryce Dallas Howard talk about her directing goals in the video below!

As fans of Bryce Dallas Howard's work, we will certainly keep you posted about her steps towards making her big feature directing debut -- but for now, be sure to do yourself a favor and see her fantastic and beautiful performance in Pete's Dragon this weekend.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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