New Pete's Dragon Clip Gives Best Look At Elliot Yet

The press machine for Pete's Dragon has officially revved up, with about a month until the film's release into theaters all over. Yet in the first clip that Disney released from its latest live-action remake, there was no dragon to speak of. As if they heard the public's cries for more dragon action, the latest clip for the David Lowery helmed picture has given us our best, clearest view of Elliot's modern incarnation. Take flight with this new clip below.

The honors of unveiling this video go to Disney's official blog, Oh My Disney, as they gave us a really close up look at the titular dragon that Pete's Dragon has built it legacy up against. From the looks of it, the creature design for the new Elliot is not only impressive, it's also very close to the original character's design. If anything, the new Elliot looks like a more organic version of Disney's original animated masterpiece, and you can see this in the comparison we'll drop later in this story.

As for the action component of this short clip, we see Oakes Fegley's Pete playing a small game of hide and seek, before taking a flight on the back of his best friend. Of course, as we've seen in the trailers to the film, Pete likes to take some risks as he participates in one of the most dangerous trust exercises in the world: jumping off of a cliff, so that Pete can swoop in and save him. Seeing as this is a Disney flick, and the film is named Pete's Dragon, you can guess that this is successful in the most whimsical way possible.

Pete's Dragon

The tone of Pete's Dragon continues to be well defined in the looks that we've gotten into the film's very Spielbergian vibe. Finally getting an up close look at Elliot only further fuels the excitement we have for this project, as he looks just as furry and ferocious as we'd hoped. This only makes the fact that Sausage Party is debuting in theaters that same weekend all the more twisted, as the epitome of Disney's magical formula will be facing off against what looks like the ultimate takedown of all that is sacred to the magical worlds the studio has been known to create. Hopefully, there will be room for both at the box office, as they appeal to very different demographics.

Pete's Dragon barrels into the movies on August 12th.

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