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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan first locked eyes and fell madly deeply in love with each other on the set of Step Up all the way back in 2006. In the decade since, the pair have become engaged and married, while Jenna Dewan gave birth to their daughter Everly back in 2013. So, obviously, this means that Step Up has a special place in both of their lives, which is why it's hardly surprising that the duo celebrated the tenth anniversary of its release with a video recreating a dance move from the film. You can check it out in all of its glory below.

We had to. #stepup10years

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Over the last few years, Channing Tatum has moved further and further away from films that have showcased his dancing ability. Of course, those of us that saw Hail, Caesar! earlier this year got a reminder of Tatum's prowess in one of the film's most memorable numbers, but the above video shows that he hasn't forgotten some of Step Up's maneuvers, either.

While hardly ground-breaking, Step Up was a hit back in 2006, as it went on to gross $114.2 million from just a $12 million budget. In fact, it has even gone on to grow into a legitimate franchise, as it was followed by four sequels, starting with 2008's Step Up 2: The Streets, and then 2010's Step Up 3D, 2012's Step Up Revolution, and 2014's Step Up: All In. But Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan only stuck around for Step Up, albeit Tatum reprised his role as Tyler Gage in the 2008 follow-up for a brief cameo.

In Step Up, Tatum's Gage is a talented but rebellious dancer who, while serving 200 hours of community service at a local school, meets Nora Clark (Jenna Dewan). Struggling with her own dance recital that will determine her future at the school, Gage offers his talents to Clark, who at first refuses but then changes her mind. They soon grow closer during their rehearsals and then Yada Yada Yada they end up happily ever after.

Step Up might only have a score of just 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, whose consensus states that the "trite teen romance has too little plot and not enough dancing," but the series' subsequent success proves that it clearly chimed with audiences.

Plus it also introduced mainstream audiences to Channing Tatum, who has since taken advantage of this push by starring in the likes of Public Enemies, G.I Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, Dear John, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, Foxcatcher, and The Hateful Eight to become one of Hollywood's biggest actors. Jenna Dewan's career might not have hit these heights, but she's not done too shabbily herself as she currently has a recurring role on Supergirl after previously being part of the main cast of Witches Of East End.