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Downton Abbey

To call Downton Abbey a popular series is doing a disservice to it. The PBS show was a massive hit and its fans were as rabid as those for any major broadcast or cable series. Many fans are probably still frustrated that there will be no new episodes, but that doesn't mean that the show is completely over. One cast member misses the people she used to work with on a daily basis, and is hopeful that a movie could reunite them in the future.

Michelle Dockery played the role of Lady Mary Crawley for six years on the English series Downton Abbey, which was broadcast in the US on PBS. While the actress has moved on to other things, her new TNT series Good Behavior begins later this year, Dockery still has very fond memories of her time in the Abbey and says that she would be interested in returning to the role again at some point in the future. She tells The Telegraph that she would certainly consider a feature film if the opportunity presented itself.

The thing that I miss the most are my cast members. But we are all still very close. I think there is potential for a film. That is something I would wholeheartedly consider, so we will see. It may not be over yet.

While there have been no specific plans for a Downton Abbey film, as far as we're aware, the general concept of such a thing has been discussed before. Last year the producer's behind the hit series said they would also be open to a movie, though, at that point there did not appear to any specific plan to make a film, and it doesn't look like that has changed. Michelle Dockery's interest in making a film has yet to be echoed by other cast members. Although, if she is still close with so many of them, it's possible that she knows that many of them would be interested in coming back. Getting the cast back together would be one of the more difficult things necessary to get a movie to happen.

Making the transition from the small screen to the big one can be a tricky one. It's a path that many series have made, though the results have been mixed. Although, it's possible that no series in recent memory has had quite the following of Downton Abbey Their audience has the passion of Firefly fans, though, there are significantly more of them, so a Downton Abbey movie has the potential to be a much bigger hit than Serenity was.

Would you go to the theater to see one last chapter in the story of Downton Abbey? Let us know what you think in the comments?

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