Why Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Could Be His Biggest Box-Office Hit In Years

The Wolf Of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio

To think that Martin Scorsese could be any more of a success is to question the definition of the word itself. In this case, the defining quality of "success" is financial gain, which is a comparatively weak field in his legendary career. Part of the reasoning behind such supposed misfortune is due to a long standing beef between Scorsese and the Chinese government - a feud that's long since been settled, allowing for The Irishman to find itself possibly approved for future distribution by the country's censors.

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter got wind of foreign distributor Media Asia acquiring the rights to the film scheduled for release in 2018, with the company confident that they can secure Martin Scorsese's first Chinese release since the country's government had banned his films and presence in the country. His 1997 film about the Dalai Lama, Kundun, was the cause for the director's lack of Chinese distribution for some time. However, after Disney made an apology to the government for the offending film, the ban was lifted and business, theoretically, was back on.

With The Wolf of Wall Street bringing in Scorsese's greatest grosses to date, a total $392 million haul worldwide, the director seems to have found some financial footing in recent years - even without Chinese exhibition. However, with China fast becoming one of the most vital markets to win over in the box office marketplace, getting one of his movies into the country that once shunned him could give Martin Scorsese's career in moneymaking a rocket boost. And the best part is, he may not even have to wait until The Irishman's release to enjoy such success.

The Departed Martin Scorsese

As Silence nears a release window that seems to straddle the end of this year and some point in 2017, Martin Scorsese could find himself primed for success with his religious themed drama that just happens to have some of the most marketable stars in the business today. With the main trio of Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, and Liam Neeson, Scorsese may have his first Chinese hit on his hands at least a year earlier than he would if The Irishman were the first film to make it to Chinese multiplexes. That is, of course, if the film manages to find itself approved by Chinese authorities.

Should Silence fall, then hope stands with The Irishman, when it takes a shot at box office glory at home and abroad, in its proposed 2018 release date. That is, if he stays true to his word that it's his next project this round.

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