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Cops Is Coming To The Silver Screen, Here’s What We Know

Cops movie

It seems like when it comes to adaptations, Hollywood really will leaves no stone unturned. Just when you thought they were running out of TV shows to adapt into movies, someone somewhere remembered COPS and thought it might make a good idea for a movie. Perhaps one of the most successful TV shows ever, the long-running reality series about police officers dealing with small time criminals is heading to the big screen. Here's the what we know.

According to Deadline, COPS is next in line to get the big screen treatment. Supposedly the plan is to take the vibe of COPS and turn it into an "edgy narrative feature with a buddy comedy bent on the order of Lethal Weapon." Considering that COPS is not an inherently edgy series - with most of the officers dealing with small time drug busts and the occasional criminal who decides to make a break for it - this movie will have to do some major reconfiguring from the source material.

The movie already has a director attached in the form of Ruben Fleischer, who has something of a spotty track record. Though he directed the fan favorite Zombieland starring Jesse Eisenberg back in 2009, his last two films, 30 Minutes or Less and Gangster Squad, failed to make a splash. Since then he's turned his sights to TV and serves as executive producer on Superstore on NBC; the COPS movie will be his first feature film since 2013.

The writer tasked with giving COPS a Lethal Weapon spin is Cameron Fay. Fay's resume is shorter than Fleischer's, so it's harder to judge his skills. His main writing credits mostly consist of films that have not released yet. He's written the script for the Saturday Night Live alum starring Brother Nature and is currently slated to write an untitled Three Stooges sequel. Brother Nature will be hitting theaters on September 9, so until then we won't have much of a picture on Fay's talent.

The idea of a COPS movie sparks the familiar debate of adapting a pre-existing property when you could accomplish the same thing with an original take. There's certainly nothing about the description of COPS' plot that can only be told using that brand. It can also be argued that this movie already exists in the form of David Ayer's entertaining End of Watch - which admittedly is not a comedy - and to some extent Reno 911!: Miami, which is itself a parody of COPS. However, given that original properties don't always do so hot at the box office, studios usually feel safer with an existing brand. But it just may be a couple years too late for a COPS movie.

Regardless, a COPS movie is happening at some point down the road, so make sure to keep it here at Cinema Blend and we'll keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

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