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It wasn't long after everybody saw what was in Suicide Squad that they started to talk about what wasn't there. The film appears to have some significant deleted scenes and now the cast has begun to talk some more about what's actually in them. While not everything they mention is here is legit, the ones that do sound real, are certainly scenes we'd like to see. Check it out.

The clip from MTV starts off with Jared Leto. We've heard already from him how a great deal of material featuring The Joker never made it into the final cut of Suicide Squad. The actor says they "experimented" a lot, which implies that not only is there stuff we haven't seen, but that if we ever do see it, it may look very different than the version of The Joker that we saw. From there, Jay Hernandez and Will Smith have a good time joking about a love scene between Deadshot and Rick Flag. The two certainly seem to get a serious bromance going in Suicide Squad, though we would not have expected to extend quite that far.

Margot Robbie appears to be upset that most of her dance routine was cut from the film. It's understandable, she went to the trouble to learn the routine, and then we didn't even get to see the results of all of her hard work. Jai Courtney also says there was a scene where Killer Croc blasts Captain Boomerang across the screen. We'd like to check out that scene if for no other reason than it would have given both characters some extra screen time.

In addition to talking about the experimentation, Jared Leto also talks about mistakes that were made. It's hard to tell if he's talking about mistakes from a "blooper reel" perspective, or if he's referring to experimentation that just went off into the wrong direction, and thus was unusable.

The filming, and editing, of Suicide Squad, has been a major topic of conversation since before the film was released. The movie saw some very high profile reshoots, and after release, a report came out which claimed that the movie saw two very different edits, one overseen by director David Ayer, and another that was done by Warner Bros. If true, it's likely that in addition to reordering the movie's scenes, there were likely a number of scenes that didn't fit the new edit, meaning there could be many more deleted scenes for Suicide Squad than for your average movie.

Are you already looking forward to the Suicide Squad DVD in order to check out all the unused content, or would you rather see the film's original cut in its entirety as an alternate version? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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