Warning: This Movie Fight Compilation Might Make You Want To Punch Something

Kingsman: The Secret Service Colin Firth

A wise person once said that you never truly know a person until you've fought them. If that's the case, then you're about to get to know a whole lot of people in a short amount of time, as we've found a hell of a clip. Showcasing some of the best fights of movie history, both past and present, we've got everything from bare knuckle duels to full on sword fights, with a healthy dose of martial arts to mix things up. When you're ready, ring the bell, and hit play below. FIGHT!

YouTuber Robert Jones is the artist behind the compilation you see before you, known as "Movie Fight Scene Tribute - Part 3." If this latest entry in the three video set is any indication, then those first two videos are most assuredly on our must watch list for the near future. Set to the tune of Tool's "Stinkfist," the video mixes both professional fighters from various sports and trained killers with the ultimate fighting skills, with good amount of old fashioned angry fisticuffs rounding things out. Indeed, the video moves fast and furious through scenes from big ticket flicks like Raging Bull and The Revenant, as well as smaller, but still vocally supported films, like Warrior.

Yet for every precise brawl that's included in this montage, there are the simple and brutal moments that barrel through the fight at hand, rather than dance. Take James Bond's battle against Mr. Hinx in last year's Spectre, for instance. While there's certainly a special degree of planning and plotting for a fight like that, the end result is something that's more knock down drag out than the fights involving the professionals. However, there's one type of combat that goes even harder than any of the others already mentioned, and that's the type of combat that combines the speed and ferocity of a Bond fight with the precision of the more sporting entries we've seen on display.

More specifically, we're thinking about the fights like the ones shown from Furious 7 and Kingsman: The Secret Service, where the action is fast, yet exacting, with every hit landing where it should. It's that fight style that seems to be the pinnacle of action adventure film-making, as the faster, more brutish approach can now effectively be mixed with the choreography of a slower, more paced fight. So when you see Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson square off in Furious 7, the excitement ramps up as fast as the combatants plot and deploy their next move with breakneck speed.

No matter what approach is your favorite, this video has you covered with what you need to pump yourself up. Be it for your own fight, or a round of exercise at the gym, this is the page you'll want to come back to in order to get yourself ready for action. In the meantime, hit the Comments below, and tell us what your favorite movie fight / fight style is, and why.

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