Watch Emma Watson And Dan Stevens Read As Belle And The Beast In Beauty And The Beast Video

Disney's next live-action fairy tale adaptation is a full musical retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Disney has been forcing us to wait for the least detail, having only given us a teaser trailer that didn't include any real footage of the film. We're still waiting for a proper trailer, but a brief glimpse at an upcoming Blu-Ray extra does give us an idea of what both Beauty and the Beast will sound like. Check it out.

Fans who want to get a first look at the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast will need to pick up the 25th-anniversary edition of Disney's classic animated version. This brief trailer for it gives us a moment from the table read, featuring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The scene isn't anything that comes directly from the animated feature, instead, it would appear to be a scene from the latter portion of Belle's imprisonment, as it includes the Beast reading a book, something that we'd guess comes exclusively from Belle's influence.

In addition to seeing this brief moment, we also get Beauty and the Beast's director Bill Condon asking the most important question that Disney fans likely have. Why mess with perfection? The original animated film was so good it was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. It's also one of the favorites among animation fans.

The answer to the question appears to be, that modern technology will allow Disney to make a movie that can do some visually spectacular things, which would have previously only been possible with animation. This echo's comments that Josh Gad made to me when I interviewed him earlier this year. He told me that the musical numbers would be something, unlike anything, that we've seen in modern cinema.

We also get a look at a couple of the film's set's including the famous ballroom, although this appears to show the room while it is still sitting in a state of disuse. It does imply that dance between the two characters will be a major part of the film.

Following Disney's successful remake of The Jungle Book the bar for these remakes has been raised a great deal. Beauty and the Beast may be the only choice for Disney to try and make something even grander.

The 25th's anniversary Blu-Ray of Beauty and the Beast will be out September 20, but will be available for digital download September 6. The live-action version will hit the screen on March 17, 2017.

Dirk Libbey
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