Watch Mark Wahlberg’s Deepwater Horizon World Premiere Get Protested

Mark Wahlberg's latest movie, Deepwater Horizon, tells the story of the explosion that erupted in the same-named platform in 2010 that resulted in many casualties and caused a gigantic oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico. The movie is telling the story of what is considered the worst environmental accident in U.S. history in dramatic form, but the Deepwater Horizon world premiere in Toronto on Tuesday also served as a platform to protest a current oil-related controversy. Take a look at what went down below.

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According to Variety, approximately 100 demonstrators showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday to protest outside the Deepwater Horizon world premiere. As you can see in the video, a number of folks are gathered around singing and chanting to a drum beat while police officers stand nearby to make sure things don't get out of hand. However, rather than take issue with the actual movie, the demonstrators parked themselves outside of Roy Thomson Hall, the screening site, to protest the Dakota Access pipeline, part of which is parked near a Native America reservation in North Dakota. Many are concerned that the project would harm the environment and ancestral near the reservation. That's why those people in the video were chanting "Standing Rock": that's one of the tribes fighting to see that the pipeline doesn't get built.

After protesting outside the Deepwater Horizon world premiere, the demonstrators eventually moved downtown, with officers continuing to follow to make sure everything stayed peaceful. As CBC News learned from one of the protest's organizers, they were simply looking for a place with a lot of people so they could get attention. It's ironic that Deepwater Horizon happened to be playing at the same time, but there's no specific mention of whether the demonstrators took that into account ahead of time or if it was just a happy accident. Construction on the Dakota Access pipeline has been temporarily put on hold, but no decision has been made yet on whether the project will be permanently halted.

While the protests against the Dakota Access pipeline continue, Deepwater Horizon will tell the tale of the drilling rig explosion that killed 11 workers and injured 17 more. Mark Wahlberg stars as Mike Williams, while the supporting cast includes Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson, John Malkovich, Dylan O'Brien, Gina Rodriguez and Ethan Suplee. So far, the movie has been getting good reviews among the critics who saw it in Toronto, ranking at 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. If you haven't already, check out the Deepwater Horizon trailer to get a taste of what the disaster drama will look like.

Deepwater Horizon will open to the public on September 30, and stay tuned to Cinema Blend to hear our thoughts about the movie.

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