The Blunt Reason James Marsden Passed On Magic Mike

James Marsden

There are all sorts of reasons why an actor may pass on a role. They may not think much of the script or of the film's potential for success. James Marsden turned down a part in Magic Mike, but his explanation is very different. He wasn't worried about the movie. He was afraid that he wouldn't be good enough for the director.

Soderbergh is one of my favorites. But I didn't know if I trusted myself to be good enough in this to not have my two dozen lines end up on the editing-room floor. I'd look like a naked extra in this movie. It's perfect the way it worked out, but that's one of the only ones I'm like, Hmm. I didn't know it was gonna be the massive success that it was

So often we think of Hollywood stars as these perfect people with egos to match. However, it looks like James Marsden may be telling GQ that he's a little too humble for his own good. He's apparently such a fan of Steven Soderbergh that he didn't necessarily think he was good enough to for the director. Now, it looks like Marsden views this role as "the one that got away," the role he wishes he had taken. It's a feeling that many actors have had over the years.

It's not surprising that the actor was considered for a role Magic Mike. The entire GQ profile in which he discusses turning down the part gushes over how amazingly handsome he is. He would have fit in nicely will all of the other ridiculously good looking people in Magic Mike. It's part of what made him such a good Cyclops in the X-Men films. He actually looks like what a comic book artist would draw when trying to make a superhero.

James Marsden doesn't mention which role specifically he would have played had he taken the part. If I were to make a guess I'd go with Matt Bomer's character of Ken. It was a smaller role, which fits with the Marsden's comment that the role only had a few lines. Plus, Matt Bomer also has the "so bloody handsome as to be unfair" thing going on. At a convention, I once heard his White Collar co-star Mark Sheppard call Bomer "the prettiest man in the world." Phoning up Bomer after Marsden said no makes perfect sense.

Regardless of what might have been, it doesn't appear to impact James Marsden very much. He always seems to have work to do. His next major role will be in the new Westworld series from HBO.

Did James Marsden make the right call in saying no to Magic Mike or would you have rather seen him alongside Channing Tatum than one of the other actors? Let us know what you think below.

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