No One's Messing With John Wick And His Dog In New John Wick 2 Photo

The following spoils the ending of John Wick, along with the setup. You have been warned.

The world's most dangerous assassin is back, and he's bringing friends. Keanu Reeves is returning as John Wick, and he's got a dog that looks equally as dangerous. The two look ready to go to work in this new image from the set of John Wick Chapter 2. Check it out.

John Wick Chapter 2

If you saw the original John Wick then you know that dogs play a critical role in the plot, and the finale, of the film. After the death of John Wick's wife from disease, he receives a puppy that she arranged to have sent to him after her death so that he would have something to care for. After some complete assholes kill the puppy, John Wick is turned loose, and it doesn't turn out well for the assholes. At the end of the film, John Wick is patching himself up in a veterinary clinic, where he finds a dog scheduled to be put to sleep. He decides to bring the puppy with him, and this is who we see in the image above.

The image was posted on the John Wick Facebook page with the line "a new chapter begins together." we would take this to mean that the dog will be along for the ride in John Wick Chapter 2. It may seem a little odd for a master hitman to keep a dog in tow, but at the same time, we know exactly how seriously this guy bonds with dogs. Is there any question that whatever he's up to in the new movie, John Wick won't be able to leave his dog behind?

We don't know a great deal about what John Wick 2 will actually deal with, beyond a general idea that something from the hitman's past will come back and interrupt his otherwise peaceful life. We assume that whatever this interruption is, it needs to be shot in the face. Also, it will take place in Rome.

Another image posted to the Facebook page shows John Wick in what appears to be a nightclub. Considering the damage that Wick did the last time he was in a place like that, we can't wait to find out what has brought him here.

John Wick Chapter 2

John Wick Chapter 2 is set for a February 10, 2017 release date. We're looking forward to seeing John Wick again and meeting his dog. We're also already feeling sorry for whatever poor bastard has decided to cross him this time.

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