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Despite the fact that big budget blockbusters continue to reign supreme at the box office, it's been quite a while since we last saw a true epic. That will seemingly change with the release of Zhang Yimou's Chinese-American collaboration, The Great Wall. A thrilling new trailer for the Matt Damon fronted behemoth of a movie has just debuted on the web, and it's something to behold. Check it out below.

The above trailer for The Great Wall has just debuted on the Internet, and it's definitely the most action packed piece of promotional material for the film yet. Although the first trailer for the upcoming epic served as a teaser to warn of an ominous threat beyond The Great Wall, this new preview offers a far more compelling look at the real action, and it provides a much clearer look at the film's overall narrative. Based upon a classic short story by Franz Kafka, The Great Wall tells a story of a European warrior traveling in search of the most powerful weapon in history. Upon finding himself at the Great Wall of China, he joins an army of Chinese warriors to battle a hoard of dragons intent on destroying humanity. Although the locals seem wary of such an outsider at first, they eventually allow him to fight -- which leads to some truly breathtaking battle sequences, as well as some kick ass archery.

As amazing as The Great Wall looks and as excited as we are for it to finally hit theaters, the film's production has not been without controversy recently. The film garnered quite a bit of negative buzz when the first trailer premiered a few months ago due to the casting of performers such as Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe as the leads for a film set in ancient China. Director Zhang Yimou even had to speak out and reassure audiences that there's a definitive and logical reason for their presence in the movie.

Matt Damon Willem Dafoe

Regardless of the whitewashing controversy, we're still incredibly excited to see what The Great Wall has in store. The film features one of the largest Chinese ensembles ever assembled for a major motion picture, as well as a focus on ancient Chinese culture and tradition. In an era when representation of Asian culture has been lacking in movies, The Great Wall seems like a breath of fresh air.

Overall, the film looks utterly thrilling, and the wait for its theatrical release has just been made much more difficult. CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to the film as new details become available; The Great Wall will hit theaters on February 17, 2017.

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