These days, it's not about the movies you have coming to theaters, it's also about the weekends you have locked up years from now. With so many mega-blockbusters on the horizon, studios need to speak up years in advance to claim prime opening weekends for movies that they haven't even started, but really hope to make some day. Usually, it's a sequel in an established franchise. Sometimes, though, it's just a gamble on a project that a studio exec thinks has a great shot at connecting with a wider audience.

To that end, Warner Bros. recently circled two release dates in the appointment book of Captain Future, telling us only that Sept. 27, 2019 and February 7, 2020 will be placeholders for the ever popular "Untitled WB Event Film." With only that to go on, we're going to put on our sleuthing hat and try to figure out exactly what that might mean (and yes, a Sherlock Holmes sequel will be one of our guesses). But let's start where Warner Bros.' bread currently is buttered, and that's the DC Extended Universe:

Ben Affleck's The Batman

Listen, I honestly don't think that either of these two dates are reserved for DC movies. Here's why: When DC announces release dates for DC movies, ever future ones WAY off in the distance, they claim them as DC Release dates. This is how Box Office Mojo has dates penciled in for Untitled DC Films on Oct. 5, 2018, April 5, 2019 and November 1, 2019. Still, we know DC and Warner want to make a Batman movie with Ben Affleck, so it's possible that film lands on one of these dates. If NOT Ben's Batman movie...

Suicide Squad 2

A sequel to David Ayer's villainous mash up certainly could be in the works at Warner Bros. After all was said and done, Suicide Squad ended up having a healthy box office run, landing in a great end-of-summer window that allowed it to linger near the top of the box office for weeks. There's talk of a Harley-led female-villains movie. That's a possibility, as is...

Wonder Woman 2

By the time we roll around to these dates in 2019 and 2020, it will be time for Gal Gadot to follow up her initial turn as Diana Prince in her solo Wonder Woman movie. That is, if people fully support Gadot as Wonder Woman. The character also will be on screen in Justice League, but a Wonder Woman 2 could be in order if Patty Jenkins' first movie is a smash hit.

But what if these dates AREN'T reserved for the DCEU. Warner Bros. actually has plenty of other options. Read on.

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