Kong: Skull Island Images Feature A New And Terrifying Monster

As we get ready for next year's Kong: Skull Island we have a pretty good idea what we'll be in for when it comes to at least one giant creature we'll see there. However, a new poster teases us with even more monsters who live there. A couple of the folks here at CinemaBlend received the new poster, along with a UV light that, when it illuminates the poster, reveals hidden imagery, including some sort of sea monster.

Kong: Skull Island

While the image may not be perfectly clear at first glance, upon examination there is an elongated head, with an eye socket and teeth, on the left-hand side of the poster. Beneath the image is a handwritten note remarking about "abnormal readings" and mentioning this location as a "flora/fauna harvest site." While we're not exactly sure what this thing is, we're sure we'll find out when Kong: Skull Island hits the screen next year. We're also fairly sure it will be big and mean.

While a lot about Kong: Skull Island is still shrouded in mystery, what we do know is that the title tells us that this version of the King Kong story will focus much more on the island where the massive ape came from than it will the ape himself. In most versions of King Kong, the island is only Act I, however, we expect this version to spend much more time on the island. This will introduce us to much more of the location and its other inhabitants. Of course King Kong isn't the only prehistoric beast living there, that would hardly make any sense. This certainly appears to be a sea creature of some kind, which likely means the waters off Skull Island are not any safer than the island itself.

The poster includes a number of other notes and images that are only visible under blacklight. In another part of the poster, that appears to show the tale of this creature, there's a note regarding an "adolescent subspecies" and refers to a "guardian" or "deity." It's not clear if they're talking about this thing, or King Kong. There is also a note, and a location marker referring to an "apex primate" which is certainly the giant ape we all know and love.

While it's hard to say, we're guessing that this thing will be playing a significant role in the film, given how much of the poster the image takes up. Perhaps our adventurers have trouble getting off the island because of this thing, making it the primary barrier to safety. We can't really know, but all these hidden clues certainly have us very curious.

We don't have too much longer to wait and see. Kong: Skull Island will be hitting screen March 10. Click over to the next page to see the other end of this creature.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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