Margot Robbie Joins The Live-Action Peter Rabbit, Here’s Who She’s Playing

Margot Robbie

2016 has been a great year for Margot Robbie. After co-starring alongside Tina Fey in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, she starred in two of the summer's big blockbusters, The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad. Robbie already has a number of projects on the horizon to boost her fame to new levels, and it looks like one of those will be providing her voice for the Peter Rabbit theatrical adaptation.

THR dropped the news earlier today that Margot Robbie is in final negotiations to join the live action/CGI Peter Rabbit movie. Once the figurative ink has dried, she will voice one of the bunnies, but no other details were provided about the character, including her name. Peter Rabbit has already recruited James Corden, Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, Daisy Ridley and Elizabeth Debicki into its cast, while their characters will be a mix of regular humans and anthropomorphic animals.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit was written by Beatrix Potter and published in 1902. The eponymous rabbit returned in five more books between then and 1912, and over a century later, he remains a beloved children's character. The premise of the original story was simple. Living with his family as if they're miniature humans, Peter disobeyed his mother's wishes and ventured into Mr. McGregor's garden to snack on some vegetables. He is soon discovered by the uncompromising and ruthless farmer, and although he successfully escapes being baked into a pie like his father was, he loses his clothing in the process. Yes, in this world, that's a big deal for rabbits, too. The new movie will reportedly be a "modern interpretation" of the classic tale, but beyond that, no specific plot details have been revealed. James Corden will voice Peter, Domhnall Gleeson was added last week as Mr. McGregor, and Rose Byrne will play Bea, who may be a stand-in for Potter herself. Like Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley and Elizabeth Debicki will be providing their talents as voices.

Margot Robbie rose to prominence in 2013 playing Naomi Lapaglia, Jordan Belfort's second wife, in The Wolf of all Street, but 2016 was the year that she became a bonafide movie star. Playing Tanya Vanderpoel in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Jane Clayton in The Legend of Tarzan certainly helped, but as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, she shined above the rest. She is expected to reprise the jester either a Suicide Squad sequel or a spinoff centered around her and other DC female heroes and villains (or perhaps both). Robbie's other upcoming projects include Terminal, Goodbye, Christopher Robin (based on the creation of another children's literature character, Winnie the Pooh) and Larrikins, the latter of which will be her first voicing acting gig.

Directed by Will Gluck, Peter Rabbit is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018.

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