The DC Villain Teresa Palmer Really Wants To Play In Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie

Teresa Palmer

Batman's corner of the DCEU is growing, and the solo Batman movie will soon blow the hero's mythos wide open by introducing a ton of legendary villains. However, we still know very little about the many villains who will appear, or even the actors who will play them. Now it seems that Hacksaw Ridge actress Teresa Palmer wants to get in on the action by playing iconic femme fatale, Talia Al Ghul. She explained:

I was going to be her. I think Marion Cotillard played, I don't know how to pronounce her last name by the way, um she played Talia Al Ghul in one of the Batman's. I remember thinking, okay well, obviously she's going to play Talia Al Ghul, but if there's ever an opportunity I would absolutely love it. Put it out there. Can you put it out there for me?

During a recent interview with Screen Rant, Teresa Palmer spoke passionately about her desire to take on the role of Talia Al Ghul in the solo Batman movie. Inspired by Marion Cotillard's performance as the villainess in The Dark Knight Rises (a.k.a one of the most predictable twists of all time) Palmer asserted that she would definitely want to take on the role of Ra's Al Ghul's daughter if ever offered the opportunity. She wants the role, and she's definitely willing to campaign for it if necessary.

Oddly enough, the opportunity for Teresa Palmer to take on this role has come up before. Prior to the inception of the DCEU, she was slated to take on the role of Talia in George Miller's ill-fated Justice League film. Although that film never materialized, her involvement as the deadly female assassin could definitely be adapted into the new continuity of Justice League and Batman films.

Damian Wayne Talia al ghul

Introducing Talia Al Ghul to the DCEU actually makes plenty of sense from a narrative point of view. The universe has already established the guilt and grief that Batman feels for the death of Jason Todd. Bringing Talia into the fold could allow the Batman franchise to also introduce Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne, and explore his relationship with a new, more violent Robin. Of course, this would require the film to skip over fan-favorite Robin, Tim Drake, but it's still a narrative avenue worth exploring.

At this point there's no guarantee that Teresa Palmer will ever get the opportunity to play Talia Al Ghul. However, given her obvious talent and enthusiasm, Ben Affleck would be wise to give her serious consideration. We will bring you more information related to the Batman solo movie as new details become available to us. Make sure to check out Teresa Palmer in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge on November 4.

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