7 Ways The DC Films Can Use Robin

We only have a few weeks left until Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters and completely rocks our world. The movie will introduce so many different elements from the DC universe, which means pouring through the film's marketing campaign has been a treat for any fan of DC comics. However, there’s one aspect of the film that continues to elude us: how the film will set up the DCEU’s Robin storyline. It's been months since we first saw that glorious image of the Robin suit in the batcave, and now that storyline will finally receive some firm exploration.

So many different characters have taken up the mantle of Robin over the years. From the acrobatic Dick Grayson, to the rage-filled Jason Todd, to the cult favorite Carrie Kelley. Everybody has their favorite Robin, as well as their favorite Robin-centric storyline. As a result, there’s numerous possible storylines that future movies in the DCEU might choose to adapt. With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of the seven most likely ways future DC films might choose to utilize the Boy Wonder. Let’s get going with some analysis:

Dick Grayson Is Undercover In The Suicide Squad

People have been throwing this possibility around for quite some time. While pretty much all of the characters in Suicide Squad have been fleshed out by the film’s expert marketing campaign, one character who remains decidedly mysterious is Scott Eastwood’s unnamed soldier. Some have come to the conclusion that this character is Dick Grayson a.k.a Nightwing, undercover in Amanda Waller’s organization. Grayson’s recent run in DC’s New 52 universe saw the former sidekick similarly strip himself of his superhero persona in order to go undercover as a gun-wielding spy, so Warner Bros. may have found some inspiration for how to use the character. We’ll just have to wait and see once Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

Jason Todd Is The Red Hood

The possibility that people have generally thrown around the most. Jason Todd’s death represents a major moment in the world of DC comics; however, his resurrection as the violent Red Hood vigilante took the character from maligned sidekick to tragic villain/anti-hero. With a Robin outfit on display in the Batcave – clearly defiled by the Clown Prince of Crime himself – it seems that the DCEU Jason Todd almost certainly died at the hands of The Joker. If Warner Bros. wants to get true comic book fans really excited, then they will most certainly want to capitalize on the iconography of A Death in the Family and Under the Hood storylines. Bringing Red Hood into the fold also opens up the possibilities of R-rated solo Batman films, with a decidedly darker edge than anything Batman could provide.

Tim Drake Is The Joker

Anyone who has seen Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker knows where I am going with this. Although Jared Leto will very clearly play The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad, some have theorized that he may not be played the ORIGINAL Joker. The punk aesthetic and overall youthful look of Leto’s Joker have led many to believe that his Joker may be a former Robin such as Tim Drake, whom the original Joker tortured into becoming the new Clown Prince of Crime. It’s an idea that has precedent in the beloved DC Animated Universe, and to know he didn’t give himself those tattoos could add a new layer of tragedy to the character. Now all we have to do is begin thinking about who could play the original Joker.

Dick Grayson Is A Talon For The Court of Owls

Admittedly, this possibility is the most outlandish, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. The modern classic story arc Batman: The Court of Owls established that Dick Grayson’s time in Haly’s Circus intended to train him so that he may one day take up the mantle of Talon, an elite assassin for a Gotham secret society know as the Court of Owls. Although Dick never actually became a Talon in the comics, the DCEU could portray a world where the Court actually got their hands on him. While Bruce mourns his sidekick and keeps his uniform on display, he could eventually come face to face with his former ward when he finally takes on the enemy that’s as old as Gotham, itself.

Talia Al Ghul Will Give Birth To Damian Wayne

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy thoroughly examines the League of Assassins, as well as Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul. However, one element from the comics that has never been shown in live action is the existence of Bruce and Talia’s son, Damian. Bringing trained assassin Damian Wayne into the Bat Family and having him don the mantle of Robin could bring Batman’s sidekick to a much darker, more sinister place than audiences have ever seen the Boy Wonder go. His desire to kill would conflict with Batman’s steadfast refusal to take a life (in the comics, anyway), and create an amazing moral dilemma that would characterize Ben Affleck’s time under the cowl.

Bruce Wayne Will Replace The Dead Robin

Batman needs a Robin. That’s an idea that the comics have perpetuated for years, and it’s time for the movies to begin to embrace it. Following the death of Jason Todd, Batman became increasingly unstable and violent against the street criminals he takes down. Tim Drake eventually deduced Batman’s identity and volunteered to be the latest Boy Wonder as a means of helping the Dark Knight cope with his loss. The DCEU may not follow this storyline verbatim, but future movies on the Warner Bros. slate may examine Bruce’s grief over the loss of a Robin (whichever one actually died), and follow him as he learns from his mistakes with a new, ready, and willing sidekick.

Robin Will Stay Dead

The beauty of this one lies in its simplicity. While there are numerous outlandish routes for future DC films to take with regards to incorporating any of the Robins, one of the easiest – and most poignant – ways to utilize him would be to keep him dead. Whether it’s Dick, Jason, Tim, or any of the others, Warner Bros. could simply show him in flashback sequences, but keep him dead during anything that goes down following the events of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in order to keep Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne weighed down by the overbearing guilt of his failure. While it would deprive us of some numerous iconic storylines, it would also keep the story relatively straightforward and simple.

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